Lead Instructor (University of Central Oklahoma)

  • Ichthyology & Lab (BIO 4910/5910)
  • Vertebrate Zoology & Lab (BIO 3454)
  • Plant and Animal Diversity & Lab (BIO 1225)
  • General Biology for Non-majors (BIO 1114)

Lead Instructor (Oklahoma State University)

  • Species Detection & Distributions (NREM 5030)

Guest Lecturer (Oklahoma State University)

  • Developed lessons for undergraduate and split-level courses of 20-85 students
  • Courses included Introduction to Natural History, Ecological Niche Modeling, and Ecology of Invasive Species
  • Incorporated multimedia and think-pair-share strategies into lessons to keep students engaged in learning

Teaching Assistant (University of Georgia)

  • Served as T.A. for Ichthyology for 3 semesters, employing teaching collections, field sampling, and snorkeling trips to encourage learning during labs
  • Instructed and developed entire curriculum for a semester-long Fishes of Georgia laboratory
  • Facilitated student learning during applied Forest Ecology field exercises



Reflecting on my time as an undergraduate and graduate student, the most effective teachers were those that had both tangible enthusiasm for the course material and a vested interest in the success of their students.  I hold to those values in my own teaching and employ a variety of pedagogical strategies to engage students in classroom, laboratory, and field settings.  I strive to develop students into young scientists, strengthening their ability to ask good questions, analyze observations, and effectively communicate results.  As a vital complement to teaching, mentoring fosters student success in academics and in life beyond the classroom.  My teaching interests are broad within the biological sciences, including those grounded in ecology and natural resource management.  My areas of expertise include fisheries management, ichthyology, stream ecology, conservation genetics, and conservation biology.