Research is most beneficial to management and conservation when results are presented to, and understood by, stakeholders that use and enjoy the natural resources being studied.  To that end, we actively disseminates results of our research, and the research of our peers, to other scientists, resource managers, anglers, and the general public.  We encourage anyone browsing this page to follow along and participate in our lab’s social media outreach and citizen science efforts.

Social Media

  • AFS Black Bass Conservation Committee Facebook Page:  As social media director, I create and share content on black bass management and conservation of black bass diversity.  Specifically, my goals for this outreach effort are educating anglers and the general public on 1) the diversity of black bass and the species endemic to the southeastern U.S.; 2) the dangers associated with stocking fish outside of their native basins; and 3) the importance of conserving intact aquatic habitats for native biodiversity.  The page has gained ~2,000 followers and posts facilitate conversations between scientists, managers, and anglers.  My “What’s That Bass Wednesday” posts have been a popular way of demonstrating the diversity of black bass species and the threat that hybridization with non-native species poses.

Citizen Science

  • iNaturalist Group, Angling for Black Bass Conservation:  This group is a place where anglers can upload geo-tagged photographs of black bass to help inform conservation of native species (e.g., Shoal Bass, Chattahoochee Bass, Bartram’s Bass).  Leveraging my presence on social media outlets and incentivizing angler participation should help expand these efforts, with the goal of creating a robust, angler-contributed dataset that can ultimately be used to inform conservation efforts.

In The News (interviews and articles)

Writing and Editing