Our Research Team

Andrew T. Taylor, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator

I am an Assistant Professor of Biology at the University of North Georgia, specializing in Fisheries Biology. I earned B.S. and M.S. degrees in fisheries from the University of Georgia and a Ph.D. in fisheries and aquatic ecology from Oklahoma State University.

Lab Members

Briant Nguyen

M.S. Research Assistant

Briant joined the lab at UCO in Fall 2019. As an undergraduate, his research focused on quantifying fish community change in urbanized prairie streams. He began his M.S. research on the occupancy of Bluntface Shiner in Spring 2021.

Kobe White

M.S. Research Assistant

Kobe joined the lab in Spring 2021 and cataloged the UCO Museum of Natural History’s Ichthyology Teaching Collection. In Fall 2021, he began his M.S. research investigating the role of genetic identity on population dynamics of Smallmouth Bass in a hybrid zone.

Landon Smith

Undergraduate Researcher

Landon joined the lab in Fall 2021. He is estimating age of Smallmouth Bass, including back-calculating length-at-age. He is also a member of the UCO Bass Fishing Team.

Kelly Popp

Undergraduate Researcher

Kelly joined the lab at UNG in Fall 2022. She is examining how genetic identity may influence angler catch in an area with ongoing black bass hybridization.

Lab Alumni

Alexis Peeper

Undergraduate Researcher

Alexis joined the lab at UCO in Spring 2020 and graduated with her B.S. in Fall 2021. She investigated angler choice among modern tag-reporting methods, and how data quality varies across reporting methods. See her publication here: https://doi.org/10.1002/nafm.10738

Britton Daniels

Undergraduate Researcher

Britton joined the lab at UCO in Spring 2020. He investigated variation in morphology and patterning across distinct genetic lineages of Smallmouth Bass, with a focus on the Neosho subspecies.

Abbey Biard

Undergraduate Researcher

Abbey joined the lab at UCO in Spring 2022. She investigated the influences of natural and anthropogenic riverscape factors on the distributions of prairie stream fishes.